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 Předmět příspěvku: "Black" is swaying
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"Black" is swaying, after a period of dark life, finally, a glimpse of the radiance, in the sun, dancing - inscriptions such as the sun walking at the fingertips, careless, quietly Dancing, passing! Corners, a grid of spider webs witnessed the imprint of the years, but also witnessed the magic of growth. The corner of the old wooden house is quietly lying on a box full of spider webs and can not finish Dust. Gently remove a little dust and open the box - it is full of old toys Cigarettes For Sale. Every toy has a touching story behind it. It is a gift from the god of growth. It��s still eight years old, unintentional. Witnessed the birth of a life - the beautiful butterfly broke out from the darkness, and since then it has a special "fascination". For a while, every night in the dream can see its figure dancing, So beautiful, so moving. So once, I dreamed that I also became a butterfly, dancing in a world full of flowers. A special emotion connected me with butterflies The reason is that I am not very clear about myself, perhaps because of envy, maybe I have never been aware of a butterfly in my life. As for the later things, it is a bit fuzzy. I only remember that my father bought me a butterfly model toy, which is especially beautiful. Now I am still lying in the old wooden box. Slowly, the world is getting bigger, there are more beautiful things, the butterfly has gradually been forgotten by me, but the shock of that moment is long-lasting. Gradually grow up, more troubles, less smile Inadvertently opened the old wooden box, the butterfly model appeared in front of my eyes, I couldn't help but pick it up, suddenly mixed feelings. Childhood fantasy came to mind - I can be a butterfly, with a short time Wonderful life? How much I want to shout out loud, but I know that no one can answer me except myself. I don't know why, my heart is suddenly calm, and my eyes are clear. Life is still going on, but something is quietly changing. During the class, the manual operation with the pen is faster; in the classroom, the hand is lifted more diligently; after school, the night is deeper, and the stars are sleeping. Another day Parliament Cigarettes, in the autumn, in the harvest season, finally, waiting for me is not a heavy tear, but a sweet and delicious fruit. Butterfly dream, am I closer to you? Yes, I told myself I think Marlboro Gold, I understand the meaning of growth for me. Growth is painful beauty, happiness with hope, and the spirit of hard work even if it is scarred. Growth is a song that changes a lot. You I never know what melody will be played in the next second. However, this is the charm of it. No matter what I am waiting for in the future, I will laugh happily all the way. Because I laughed, I have been crying, hurting, feeling, and pursuing. I don��t regret it. I am happy with the butterfly dream. For this dream, I will work hard, harvest happiness, and let the road of growth be full of happiness.
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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