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Internet Fraud Cheap Kevin Strootman Jersey , Classifieds Scams, Abuse and Suspicious Replies are world wide issues that have become widespread in targeting sellers and buyers everywhere specially on the Internet. Often this involves buyers from Nigeria, Africa, Holland and other countries. In recent years, online Pet Classifieds scams have increased and have affected many people.

Online classifieds scams pose threats to both sellers and buyers.

Posing As A Seller:

A Person can post an ad for a puppy that only exist in the item description. Actually Cheap Juan Jesus Jersey , seller doesn't have the puppy that heshe is trying sell or give away. Seller will then ask for money and refer them to the shipping company who is supposed to send the puppy to the buyer. Buyer waits for few days and contacts the seller, but no answer. Tries again for couple of more answer. Finally buyer decides to call the shipping company with the reference number for the puppy. Shipping company replies that they don't have anything related to this reference number or it is not for your puppy. Buyer loses money.

Posing As A Buyer:

A scammer can pose as a buyer of a puppy and contacts the seller. Buyer is desperate to buy and accepts your listed price and suggest that hisher agent will pick up the puppy with a check that is more than the asking price. In return, they ask buyer to deduct amount for the item, get remaining amount and give a fake cashier's check. Seller will lose the puppy and the money.

Check any websites who have classifieds, if they don't have a warning about online scams Cheap Juan Iturbe Jersey , they should have!

There are ways you can protect yourself from these scams, visit our Scam Alert page on where you can find examples of scams and emails and list of known scammer emails that people have reported to us.

Courtesy of In a turbulent economic market where fewer job opportunities are available to an ever-increasing pool of applicants, there are many benefits and cost-savings of a two-year degree over a traditional four-year education. The job market is affected by numerous factors, including inflation, global politics Cheap Hector Moreno Jersey , outsourcing, and number of applicants in the workforce.

When hiring in such a touch-and-go economy where so many people are applying for fewer positions, employers are shifting their attention from job seekers with broad four-year degrees to applicants with relevant skills and specific qualifications from an accredited college. The targeted career training you can get with a two-year degree can put you at an advantage when applying for positions that require a specific skill set. Here are some more reasons why students should consider beginning their education with a two-year degree:

Cost of Education

According to The College Board, the average cost of education (including tuition and fees) at a two-year college is $2,544 Cheap Gregoire Defrel Jersey , compared to a public four-year college which can average $7,020 per year in tuition and fees for in-state students and a hefty $11,528 for out-of-state students. Private four-year colleges are even steeper with $26,273 per year in average tuition and fees. When you consider these costs against the time it can take to find a job after school, all while paying back student loans Cheap Gerson Jersey , it's clear a considerably lower priced two-year school can save you money that may come in handy later on.

Specific Skill-Set

Four-year institutions offer degrees in intangible subjects like philosophy, cultural studies or English, which can be difficult for employers to quantify. Alternatively, most two-year institutions offer specific trade and vocational classes that teach students a useable skill.

Connection to Local Industries

Two-year schools are often closely linked with local employers, so students are able to find classes that cater to the jobs and industries they'll be applying for out of school. Two-year students also focus heavily on apprenticeships and internships which afford them valuable connections they can use when they graduate.

Boast Your GPA

Many students with faltering high school GPAs use two-year institutions as a jumping off point for their education before they begin studying at a four-year institution. Two-year programs offer all the necessary pre-requisite classes with easily transferrable credits to boast your success-rate and speed up your education at a four-year college. According to the American Association of Community Colleges Cheap Federico Fazio Jersey , 46 percent of all college students begin their education at a two-year college.

Top Jobs in Burgeoning Markets

Think the job market only caters to applicants with four-year degrees? Think again. Careers in rapidly growing industries are now available to students with only a two-year education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job seekers can make a median annual wage of $77,010 as a computer specialist, $67,340 as a dental hygienist Cheap Emerson Jersey , or $42,350 as an environmental engineering technician. These are all jobs in expanding, exciting industries that require only a two-year degree.

Before you choose a college education, make sure you really evaluate your situation and weigh the financial and occupational costs of a two-year degree. You may find it's all you need to succeed in today's job market and set you on the path to an exciting, fulfilling career.
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