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 Předmět příspěvku: On the long path
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On the long path, in addition to the streetlights cast a faint and full of contemptuous lights, in addition to the death of the silence. Under the yellowing of the light, leaving a small, weak figure, spread to the darkness of the distance. In the third day of the third day, I was promoted to the squad leader by the sports committee, and I was promoted to the squad leader. The responsibilities, teachers, and classmates also came to me. The pressure was heavy. I can't breathe. New learning, new teachers and even the unreachable ideals waved far away from me on the other side. The king sings and sings and lets go, and Poseidon swears for me. Odysseus returns to him. The other side, and me? I was so addicted that I was still addicted to me in the middle of the day. I was hit by the 113 points. I have not completely broken away from the loss. Physics and English have also come one after another. These unsuccessful failures are like painful. The imprint is as long as the heart. The evening wind began to blow the impetuous leaves, and the rain began to fall. I am still walking slowly Marlboro Cigarettes, feeling the coolness of the early autumn. The raindrops have passed through my frame, the lens, and the yellowish light. I accurately captured the traces of the rain: the silver silk swooped down from the sky, like a meteor falling on the ground. The only difference is that the rain is transparent. The shining star with a shining light can cast a wish to the sky, and the raindrops of resentment can only be unwilling to lag behind and bury the earth Cheap Cigarettes. Am I a raindrop? Yes or maybe not. I am not willing, do not admit to being backward. Even if it is rushing to the earth, even if it is bruised and bruised, even if it is facing the pain, I still have to be the first one. Maybe I am not as good as you, the meteor shines, but at least you and I are soaring in the same sky, even if you fly to the proud sky, I fly to the humble land, I still have the ability to compete with you. Because I am ordinary but not too backward. Maybe the innocent people only think that the meteor must be better than the tiny raindrops. Even myself, I have decided that the ending will only fail. Because of my unwillingness, the new challenge is waving at me, waiting for me to use the pain that symbolizes the struggle Marlboro Red. conquer. Maybe the song of the king is tempting me to give up the original intention, but I must be in the direction of my heart like Odysseus, even if the gods will block on the other side, my "sorrow" will be the medal of my life. "Under the yellowing lights, I left a small figure, hehe, he is moving toward the distance of Greece, slowly moving forward."
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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