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 Předmět příspěvku: The mountain is full
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The mountain is full of pine trees. I thought that this is the dark green that never fades. When I was a child, I love to play here. In spring, in the breeze, touch the tender and soft sprouts of pine trees; in summer, play in the shade; in the fall Marlboro Cigarettes, turn over the brown pine needles that fall in the ground; in winter, the pines in the snow are still standing. Gradually, there are more homework and I can no longer be here. Until a few days ago, in the afternoon sun, I came to the hill again. But what did I see? It is still the hill, still a gentle spring breeze, but no pine trees. The hills are divided into layers and are filled with vegetables. This vegetable field replaced the pine forest. what happened? With doubts, I went up the hill. Layer by layer, walking on narrow dirt roads, all on both sides are vegetables. The spring air is sweet and greasy, and the sun is shining. Walking a little blankly, I suddenly remembered the fresh taste of the pine forest Wholesale Cigarettes, very distant but very clear. By the side of a pea field, I saw a stump... This is a pine tree, and it is obvious that it was cut off Newport Cigarettes. There were two small branches sticking out from the side, and two dry, green, sorrowful stretches - they were not likely to grow up. I knelt down and touched its rough annual rings to see the sorrow of that circle. At first it was full and full, but then it was shrinking and distorted, like the last struggle of a sick person. Why are there struggles? If it is cut off, isn't it a momentary thing? There is a bunch of grass on the edge of the tree. I gently put my hand on it, just touched it, but it seemed to be slammed by something! When I took it up, I saw a shallow white mark. "What is it..." I said to myself, carefully opening the grass - I couldn't speak. On the roots of the pine trees, I hugged a hoop tightly... It turned out to be like this... In the community, I was allowed to cut trees privately! So, with such a cruel method, I strangled a Song I silently. The hands were taken and the iron ring was taken down. Layers of dark red rust, is your helpless blood and tears? How does this shackle plague other dark greens? They didn't even have stumps of dark green that had never fallen. They fell in the hands of humans. If one day, all the dark greens would fall, and humans would cover themselves with shackles.
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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