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Taking the leap to full-time as an eBay seller is living the dream: earning a real income Wholesale Dave Winfield Jersey , working at home, being your own boss etc. It's the promise of a million scams, but it's finally come true, at least for some.

What they don't always tell you in the success stories is that becoming a full-time eBay seller is not for everyone. You really should try it part-time before you consider taking it up full-time, and even then Wholesale Jesse Barfield Jersey , caution is recommended. Before you go and burn your suit, here's a list of questions you should ask yourself.

How Much Am I Earning From eBay Now?

Calculate how many hours a week you spend working on eBay related things (be honest here), then divide this by the average profit you make in a week. If you were doing full-time hours, would you earn as much as you earn now?

Do I Have a Good Job?

Consider what you might lose if you quit your job to focus on becoming a full time eBay seller. If you're in a well paid job with good promotion prospects then it's well worth reconsidering: you might get a few years down the line and wish you'd stayed in your traditional job, as you'd probably be the CEO by now.

Can I Really Make More Money on eBay?

Unless you're selling a large quantity of small goods Wholesale Roger Clemens Jersey , most of what you do on eBay will be waiting for auctions to end and you can wait at work just as easily as you can at home. Whether you would make more money on eBay really depends on what kinds of items you're selling ? for low value items, going full-time could be a good move. For high-value ones, the chances are you'll hit the limits of how much money you have to invest in inventory long before you hit the limits on your time.

Can I Handle Working At Home?

Apart from anything else, you might find that your dream of working at home is more of a nightmare in reality. Your family can start to depend on you to get things done during the day. If you have a wife and children then they can resent the fact that you're in the house but refuse to have anything to do with them for large parts of the day. Giving in to them and stopping work for a while will cause your profits to slide.

Would I Survive if it All Went Wrong?

Could you get by if you had a month or two where you sold nothing? Or would you be desperately looking around for a job and cursing the day you ever discovered eBay? That's the real test.

If you are not phased by these questions, then I guess you could be cut out for the eBay seller lifestyle ? and even if you were phased Wholesale Paul Molitor Jersey , you'd be surprised just how far you can get part-time.

3 Compelling Reason Why Video Squeeze Pages Are Better For Your Marketing Efforts Business Articles | March 8, 2010
Squeeze pages are used by almost all Internet marketers to get a hold of the market share. They are important because they bring to you your future.

If you are to succeed in marketing your product or somebody else's product, you need a representative who can do the talking and convincing for you. Video squeeze pages can be your buddies who do the selling.

Well crafted video squeeze pages compel the visitor to sign up for the offer. This is the reason behind their massive conversions. Why is it they do better than other means?

1. A video gives more space to vent your thoughts. I have observed that many marketers often lack the skills to put all their thoughts in a convincing manner with text. This results in an unimpressive copy that does more harm than good.

2. A video automatically catches the eye. When a person is browsing pages, he sticks longer on a page that has a video. So if your page has a video then he is bound to check it out. This gives you a chance that text only pages don't get.

3. It is all a matter of trust. A visitor is more likely to believe a person talking to him directly and not something written by what could be an unknown identity. Only a video can make that connect.

All that said, not every video squeeze page converts. It has to be well made. It should have the right kind of visual elements Wholesale George Bell Jersey , the video has to made keeping the audience in mind, it should have a concept that addresses a problem and it should be properly edited.

The quickest way to get your page that will certainly make conversions is to get it made by an experienced professional. This way you don't have to spend your time on making and testing your page while you are also certain of the results. The faster you set up your page, the better it will be to establish your brand.

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Western Canada is a land of ... lakes and rivers. There are also deserts (yes, Walter, small ... huge forested plateaus and lush ... but ... are a ... feature. From t

Western Canada is a land of mountains, lakes and rivers. There are also deserts (yes, Walter Wholesale Joe Carter Jersey , small deserts), huge forested plateaus and lush farmland, but mountains are a predominant feature. From the Coast Range in the west to the Rockies in the east, from the Cascades in the south, to the Cassiar Range in the north Wholesale Roberto Alomar Jersey , there is one range after another; the Cariboos, the Monashees, and the Selkirks, to name just a few.

The mountains of British Columbia offer untold opportunities for every kind of skiing, including backcountry touring Cheap Jack Morris Jersey , snowcat skiing and heli-skiing. There are many ski resorts and many backcountry lodges, mostly located near small interior towns, away from the large population centers and international airports.

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