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Employers have become so concerned about seeming ?unfair? or worse becoming the victims of lawsuits by unhappy ex-employees that they've stopped requiring minimum standards of employees. This can only lead to poor individual and eventually poor company performance. Your best employee performers will resent the fact that you use company money to pay people who aren't up to standard and will reduce their own level of performance or leave.

Take back the power in your workplace and set standards of performance. How to fairly assess each of your employees? I use a simple three part measurement tool with the acronym AWE or Able ? Willing ? Engaged.

Is the Employee Able?

This is the minimum standard of employment or continued employment. Does the employee have the basic job skills? Does he or she also have the people skills to be able to work effectively? Does the employee have family or personal issues that make it impossible for the employee to work the expected hours? Does the employee have any emotional or physical health issues that make it impossible to do the job effectively? Is he or she lacking any problem attitudes Wholesale Roger Clemens Jersey , such as racism or sexism that make them unable to be open to customer or co-worker interactions.

If you answered ?no? to any of these questions, you should move the employee to another job where the issues aren't going to affect their competency or transition them out of the company.

Is the Employee Willing?

The next level up that is also a make or break issues ? is the employee willing to do the work available? Does the employee seem happy to be at work? Does he or she genuinely care about the welfare of customers, co-worker Wholesale Paul Molitor Jersey , and the company in general? Does the employee get to work well-rested and prepared so that he or she is able to be fully present and concentrate? Does the employee gracefully take on assigned tasks? Does the employee arrive at meetings on time and prepared? Is the employee open to dialogue and answering questions related to his or her work?

If you answered ?no? to any of these questions, there may be some resentments that have built up meaning that the employee can do the job, but isn't willing to give 100%. This employee needs to have the opportunity to vent frustrations Wholesale George Bell Jersey , get clear instructions on what is expected, and then have the opportunity to recommit to the work of the company. If the employee remains unwilling and hinders the work of others with a poor attitude, the employee should be transitioned out of the company.

Is the Employee Engaged?

This is the highest level of employee involvement and commitment. These are employees who are engaged in the work of the company take initiative. They are problem-solvers and actively work out work problems Wholesale Randal Grichuk Jersey , including inter-personal problems. They actively seek feedback about their performance. These employees are natural leaders and will lead in a project whether or not they have a management title ? other just seem to follow them because of their willingness to take risks or because of their demonstrated expertise. They also look outside the company for sources of good ideas and are always setting goals to take their own work to the next level. They like to learn and will look for opportunities to take on new tasks to learn new skills. These employees give 100% because they are motivated to do so internally.

It is only if a company gets in the way of superior performance that these employees will stop working at the highest level. If they become frustrated that management does not support their efforts to raise the performance bar in the company, they will disengage and eventually leave.

Final Comment

Employees who are not able to do the job shouldn't be offered continued employment. If you can create open communications with employees who seem unwilling, you can often turn around their performance. Your best point of leverage is taking employees who are willing and helping them become employees who are engaged. The best way to do that is to have plenty of engaged employees around. Their work behavior can be infectious. And get out of the way of the engaged employees. They want room to run and will only leave if micromanaged or not allowed room to experiment with new ideas. Follow these few simple ideas and you will be in AWE of the contributions made by your employees to the prosperity of your business.

Stress is a situation when things go beyond control and have a detrimental effect on people`s lives. The reason for stress and its effects vary from person to person Wholesale Joe Carter Jersey , and hence learning certain techniques and understanding the value of self help on stress management makes a person happy without allowing stress to override. Stress should not be considered a disease, yet it should be a contributing factor triggering diseases such as skin disease, asthma Wholesale Roberto Alomar Jersey , migraine, allergies and many more. If left neglected, it leads to awful and harmful conditions Cheap Jack Morris Jersey , and hence it is mandatory to look for self help on stress management ideas.

Headache, muscle pain, sweating Cheap Roy Halladay Jersey , dizziness and thudding heart are some of the symptoms related to stress that makes a person feel tense resulting in becoming an introvert. The ultimate result is that their memory fails; they may get addicted to smoking and drinking, and enhance other problems of heart. Self help on stress management may be the right path, as it begins with finding the reasons that triggers stress and on recognizing them.

Self help on stress management deals with firstly accepting the problem and finding a solution. If you are able to control the situation Cheap Dave Winfield Jersey , best, or else, take the support of relatives or good friends. On identifying the reasons for stress Cheap Jesse Barfield Jersey , avoid it and stay far away from them so that you are less stressed. This is one of the best self help on stress management. Talk to someone who understands the problem, mostly a friend and let the feeling go and take charge of it such that t. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Retro Jerseys Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys

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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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