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"Sometimes I like you embarrassing my face / It makes my heart a little pain / Sometimes I always want you to wink / Let this world have no lost children / Worship you, It is a kind of beauty / In my diary when I grow up ... the clouds float in the sky There will be a breeze in the hour / classroom. ��Whenever I hear this song, my memory will always pull me back to that cool summer, that warm winter, and that angelic ... Yangmei �� Early summer, early summer, The sweet and sour taste of bayberry soaked in the air. On the podium was a large bag of bayberry she bought Marlboro Cigarettes. A pair of little hands took two or three capsules out of the bag and returned to the seat contentedly. As we carefully looked at the red-black-red-black stuff in our hands, we listened to her reading the text "I love my hometown's bayberry": "Yangmei is round ... When bayberry gradually matures, the thorns are gradually flattened, soft "... under her guidance, I observed carefully, only to find that the original Yangmei is not slick, there are many small thorns on it. When she read "Pick one and put it in my mouth", I took a bite and really felt the "smooth, delicate and soft thorns" and "fresh and tender flesh" in the text. She smiled at our red teeth covered with plum juice and a thoughtful face. The Chinese class in the early summer of that year, those sweet and sour bayberry, and her unique teaching method opened my love for Chinese and life. Promise: In the winter of that year, the cold wind whistled away from class, and the classmates were still waiting for her in the seat. Although there was jubilation in the corridor at this time, but we were all still still, that sincere face still reminds me so far. Because we firmly believe that when she says she will come, she will definitely come. Finally, with the haste of footsteps, she appeared anxiously at the door. Regardless of wiping off the sweat on her forehead and spit, she bowed and said hoarsely, "I'm sorry." Stepped on the podium, opened the lesson plan, and talked about wonderful lessons as usual. Later, I learned that it turned out that the recently born daughter had a high fever at night, and she rushed to the hospital in Quanzhou overnight, never closing her eyes. In order not to delay our homework, she still rushed to the Chinese lesson of that winter, wearing the morning light. The sweat and a husky "Sorry" made me feel her love for us was selfless and great. Although I have only been with her for two years, she taught me not only knowledge, but also many, many things: human beings, good habits ... she told us: cherish every opportunity, be confident and work hard! She changed the coordinates of my life Cigarettes Online, subtly, and transformed into a brand new me. It is another year of Teacher's Day, and my ear seems to sound a "standing! Bow! Happy holidays!" That moment appeared to her: a spring-like smile on her lips, but tears in her eyes Is my former language teacher Newport Cigarettes. A person I have never forgotten, nor can I forget. Teacher Ding, please let me say to you again: "Teacher Ding, thank you! ��
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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