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In the materialistic world, "fast" has become a new theme. Passive passersby, walking quickly on the street, their lives are accurate to the minute and second, as if a big invisible hand pushed them forward. Hurry, hurry, hurry again. Like a tireless spinning top. I have also become accustomed to this life, coming and going in a hurry. I glanced at a stall, which was maltose. I was looking for a long time. I stepped forward and bought a maltose from the boss. The boss took the money with a smile, opened the small pot with maltose, and held it. The tools are carefully crafted Wholesale Cigarettes. I can't help frowning, the boss's movement is very slow, drawing the pattern I just selected, one stroke at a time, very devoted and attentive, slowly, finely and very skillfully, After each part is painted, the boss will stand up straight and take a look. The look is not so much a product produced by a hawker as a proud work of an artist. I waited a little and regretted it, why should I choose such a complicated pattern? Why buy maltose? The boss's stand was deserted, and no customers had been seen for so long. A gust of wind blew through, a strong scent blew into my nose. It was the scent of fried chicken wings. Oh, it was a nearby stall. The business was really good. The voice of customers, the sound of coins hitting, the voice of the boss, was noisy. There are always so many people walking around for fried chicken wings. The contrast with the maltose stall that only melted one facade is the stop to see my eyes. The maltose boss said with a sigh: "Now there are not many people like you who are happy to wait here. Last time, several people wanted to buy, wait After a while, I will stop, and go and buy something else. "I stumbled and realized that" other "is not the thing next door? The boss went on to say: "They really do n��t understand We have made maltose for several generations. Now it ��s hard to find a place to sell handmade sugar. This craft is also becoming less and less. What I did, and those fried things ... The boss talked for a long time, "Slow work produces fine work", yes, when I got the sugar, I looked at it carefully, like a craft, in People's hands are shaped little by little, sweetly little by little. The sugar is very sweet, and the taste in memory is the same. This "slowly" intention, how lucky I was to taste it. Yes, "slowly" has now become a luxury. Everyone can't wait to grow a pair of hands, a pair of feet, a head. Where can there be a "slowly" mentality? When pop culture floods the world Marlboro Cigarettes, Some people sigh and grieve over the disappearance of traditional culture. When more people forget to write words, when old rules begin to lose, when all kinds of high-rise buildings stand up, when the courtyards, caves, Bamboo House became history, when Valentine's Day, Christmas and Halloween have become the new darlings. When the Qingming Festival, the Lantern Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival became the memories of the older generation, I couldn't help but pleaded: "Slower, slower! Let beauty stay for a while, don't let it disappear in no one's corner! ��
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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