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Listen, we sang the family's favorite song again: "I love my family, brother, father and mother, love does not quarrel, often play with me ..." Home is a warm harbor, our paradise, and sometimes the home is full of joy Joke, sometimes noisy, sometimes calm. There are hardworking and lively mothers in the family. Mom is ordinary, with dark hair, small eyes, and a small cherry mouth. My mother is not as beautiful as Xi Shi, or as pretty as Chang E, but in my heart, she is the most beautiful. Every day, when my brother and sister were still in the warm quilt, my mother played the "coordinated kitchen tune", pots, pans and pots. When the fragrant meal came, the mother's shout sounded on time: "Young people, get up and eat." My brother and sister scrambled to get up, faster than seeing who was wearing clothes. There are serious and capable dads in the family. Dad has a flat head, dark skin, and small eyes. Don't look at my dad's appearance. He is a good farmer in the eyes of his neighbors. It's all clear. I have a well-informed and sensible family at home. I have breakfast every day. Like a small captain, I take my brother and sister to school. After school, I take them home and write homework obediently. After finishing my homework, I became their good teacher again, and coached their smart and naughty brothers and sisters at home. The younger sister has big, piercing eyes, and she often can't help talking. My brother, he looks like a tiger Wholesale Cigarettes, and his eyes narrowed into two crooked moons with round smiles. He looks so cute. He likes to make troubles and pranks. To this end, his mother has beaten him I do not know how many times, he still does not change, it is really "easy to change the country, it is difficult to change nature"! I ca n��t help him. This is our happy and happy home. I want to say aloud, "I love my family. [Part 2] A ray of sunshine shone warmly on my face. I rolled over and continued to dream of myself. .As the sun shining on my face became hotter and hotter, I finally opened my eyes annoyingly. Looking at the curtains that were opened, I looked blank. Did I not pull the curtains yesterday? The more sober I finally remembered my mother had come. I got out of bed with a drowsy face, closed the curtains that had been opened and went to play chess with Zhou Gong. "Sister, get up-get out of bed! "I don't know how long it has passed, and suddenly I heard the voice of my brother in my ear. Well, it must be a dream. As the shout grew louder and even felt the weight on my body Newport 100S, I finally opened my eyes.
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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