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Great Plains Autopost: Programmable Batch Posting in Ecommerce Integration Computers Articles | May 25 Brad Hand Jersey , 2008
If you are eConnect developer, who is curious about Sales Order Processing batch posting options, this article should give you highlights.? eConnect as SDK at the end of the way calls encrypted stored procedures, which allow you create Corey Kluber Jersey , modify, delete so-called master records: customer, vendor, employee Carlos Gonzalez Jersey , customer address to give you few examples.?

Plus it allows you to create so-called work transactions: Sales Invoice, which is especially popular in e-commerce programming and integration scenarios. ?However it is often the need to push transaction to Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL database all the way through, meaning to post Sales invoices and returns batches from eCommerce application.? eConnect out of the box doesn?t post batches and this is the restriction of the architecture, or as it was initially designed:

1.?????? Batch posting technical side.? What is really happening in Great Plains when GP user hits post button?? Well Jason Kipnis Jersey , GP engine, which is Microsoft Dexterity (former name Great Plains Dexterity), calls its internal procedures and these procedures move Invoice records from work tables: SOP10100 and SOP10200 (there are more tables, we are giving these two for illustration purpose only) into SOP30200 and SOP30300.? However this is only part of the story.? When posting is done in Sales Order Processing module Hanley Ramirez Jersey , Dex transfers posting to Receivable Management module, where it creates records in RM20100 and others.? Then it creates Cash Deposit with Receipt in Bank Reconciliation module (if deposit was applied, such as Credit card payment) and even that is not yet the end of the story.? Finally it creates (and even posts if settings are to post through GL) General Ledger transactions.? You can imagine, that eConnect as being only top of the iceberg Francisco Lindor Jersey , is too light weight SQL scripting collection to do all the GP autoposting business logic

2.?????? But anyway ? why GP doesn?t extend eConnect with batch posting logic?? Well, the answer is simple ? posting is subject for management approval and holdings removal.? Plus, posting should have audit trail on who physically pressed posting button and when ? eCommerce application is robot and it is probably reasonable to restrict eConnect to transaction creation only

3.?????? Autoposting Server.? This application allows you to place created batches into queuing table.? Autopost monitor the table and if it finds record there, it initiates GP Dexterity internal posting logic.? In this case batch posting process is in control of C# or VB eConnect developer

The report suggested the EU to create a European agency for robotics and artificial intelligence to supply public authorities with technical, ethical and regulatory expertise. Often Joe Carter Jersey , parents inadvertently fail to have their child assume responsibility of misbehavior because they fail to recognize how their own behavior is contributing to the problem.

(To stay up to date with the latest China news, follow XHNews on Twitter at http:www.1 M&A and Partnerships Strategy
3 Recent Developments
4 SWOT Analysis
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4. It offers casual clothing, women clothing and children's wear through its subsidiaries including Global sports, Deco and Wish Shanghai.e. At the end of August, she heard that Chen's husband Fu was seriously ill.

Furthermore, the report stressed that EU-wide rules are needed to fully exploit the economic potential of robotics and artificial intelligence and guarantee a standard level of safety and security. The Modern Day Marvel of the Karla Colletto Bathing Suits

Posted On : Dec-12-2012 | seen (534) times | Article Word Count : 407 |

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