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A high school student once asked the difference between colds and flu. The other student says that colds are milder where the symptoms usually include a runny nose Wholesale Jerseys , while flu is a stronger ailment where fever and body pain can go along with it. For a certain mushroom however, the difference won matter.

Enter Inonotus obliquus, also known as the chaga mushroom , a species that thrives in the frigid north such as Siberia and Northern Europe. It looks anything unlike your normal mushroom, but this funky fungus prefers to fight diseases that way. Scientists have made a few studies on this mushroom, notably its role in immunizing Native Americans during the flu scourge of 1918. Meet your body new best friend.

The 1918 influenza pandemic was the worst in American history Cheap College Hockey Jerseys , killing more people than World War I could ever do. In fact, more soldiers in Europe succumbed to influenza than by actually being shot from trench to trench. However, physicians noticed a trend within the native group hey were hardly being affected by the pandemic at all.

Physicians traced the source back to the herbs the natives were eating to significantly strengthen their immunity to the flu. These herbs included the chaga mushrooms Cheap College Baseball Jerseys , called si-ahga鈥?in the West, that were conks growing out of conifers. If that is the case, what did these mushrooms have that helped the natives survive the pandemic?

Scientists discovered that the beta-glucans in a chaga mushroom extract creates a huge surge of immunity cells upon ingestion. It is estimated that the number of T-cells Cheap College Basketball Jerseys , macrophages, and neutrophils can go up by as much as 4,000% within 20 hours of ingestion. Think of this as the main army coming to reinforce the units at a garrison. If you will look at the figures Cheap College Football Jerseys , it is a big boost for your body.

Your body requires as many of these immunity cells as possible to combat even the strongest of illnesses. Like other mushroom extracts, a chaga mushroom extract can boost a person immunity to the point that it becomes an impregnable fortress. This is just one of a few lifesaving instances the natives used to their advantage to live to tell about history.

The chaga mushroom extract is popular in the market today, being a powerful remedy for colds and other diseases. If you want to know more about this remarkable remedy Cheap College Jerseys , visit . You can also check for updates in fungi medicinal miracles.

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