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Bambi" is from the hand of Austrian writer Felix Salten. The author used his imagination to shape the world of Bambi. Among them Marlboro Gold, the thing that struck me the most was that Bambi has always been afraid of losing her mother, and she was full of helplessness and fear. However, with the help of the deer king, he slowly learned to live independently and eventually became the deer king. I gradually walked into Bambi's life world, and seemed to see ourselves. Bambi was born a few days before his mother disappeared. He was scared and helpless. He was afraid to meet the hunter alone. He would always shout: "Mom! Mom! ..." He didn't know the danger His claws have already reached him. At this time, the deer king appeared, and he said to Bambi: "You have grown up, can't you live independently? It's not bad!" He turned and left. After the deer king left, Bambi didn't call his mother anymore. He said to the deer king thoughtfully. Little Bambi determined that he couldn't let other deer look down on himself, so he couldn't rely on his mother anymore. Since then, Bambi's mother has always disappeared inexplicably and has returned somehow, but Bambi has not felt afraid and helpless anymore, because he has learned to see here independently. I remember the scene I saw before: Two children fell, and the mother of a child immediately ran forward, held the baby up, held it in his arms, looked at it distressedly, checked for a fall, and kept talking to the baby's mouth. : "It's all bad for mothers, don't cry, did you hurt?" The mother of another child stood opposite the child and looked at her baby quietly after seeing it, and encouraged loudly: "Baby, be brave, Mom believes you can, get up and walk up boldly, mom believes you! Mom loves you! "The mother kept encouraging her child Cigarettes For Sale, and after a while, seeing the falling child slowly climbed up by himself , Step by step toward the mother, when walking to the mother, the child's mother gave the baby a big hug and a deep kiss. Of course, there will be two different results. The first child will live forever. Under the protection of their parents, we had some wind and rain will retreat, hide in their parents build a greenhouse, afraid to face alone. The second child is strong and independent. Since childhood, he will solve the problems alone. He bravely faced the ups and downs of life. The flowers in the greenhouse withered because he could not adapt to the external environment Parliament Cigarettes. The lions raised in the greenhouse were fed for a long time and forgot to prey Skills without being able to survive in the wild. Similarly, there will be many ��roadblockers�� in our lives. After all, we will grow up and leave our parents one day to face the world alone to live a life. Therefore, we must be independent from the elementary school society and face up bravely so that we can live better. Therefore, we must consciously exercise our independent living ability from now on, courageously face life problems, cultivate our ability to resist frustration, and make our wings stronger and more powerful. Finally, we will be able to fight in the sky and fly freely.
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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