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A celebrity once said that there are no reefs in the sea that can't stir the waves, and life can't stand frustration to become strong. Yes, only through the washing of wind and rain can we see the rainbow in the sky. The road of life will not be smooth. To succeed, suffering and frustration are indispensable. Only by being down-to-earth and step by step can we succeed. There are no shortcuts to success. The famous writer Ms. Yang Hongying's "The Secret of Sakura Lane" made me deeply feel the truth. "The Secret of Sakura Lane" takes a smiling cat as the perspective, and tells some scammers in Sakura Lane using adults' hope for Jackie Chan to lure them to spend heavily on what they call "products that can increase children's performance" Conspiracy Marlboro Lights, but all in the plan of laughing cats and friends one by one broke things I read after reading. None of the so-called commodities appearing in these books are merchants' tricks, but the idea that adults desire children's performance to rise rapidly has led to the realization of this trick. How can you learn the principle of "step by step"? As a saying goes, "Shushan has the road and the path to learn, and the sea is the limitless way to make a boat." The achievement of stability and promotion is a success, but behind this success is endless sweat and hard work. It is a thirsty learning attitude, and it is not obtained by using shortcuts of any kind of goods. Only by studying carefully and accumulating time and time can we board the hall of knowledge and the hall of success. There is absolutely no easy way to succeed in learning. If there is really a so-called shortcut, then it is hard work and hard work. If you look at yourself, do you think that you have to go because Shortcut and loss experience? The answer is yes. I remember when I was in grades four or five, there was an exam. There was a question in the test paper. When I saw this question, I already had an answer in my mind, but this answer was derived from a complex solution equation. It was inert. I'm not annoyed. I tried to do this by using a simpler method that I didn't have a good grasp of, but it was this simple method that made my problem that shouldn't be worthless. , My grades plummeted. This is an example of trying to take shortcuts. If I wasn't greedy for cheap at that time, I would earnestly follow the equations taught by the teacher, and I would definitely not lose points. My performance ranking dropped dozens of places in the class. There are really no shortcuts to success. If you want to be successful, you must walk through the thorny road, cross the canyon which is under the abyss of the abyss, and lift the sails against the storm on the rough sea. There is no shortcut, such as Magic and other unrealistic things will take you through all this, all of which must be overcome by yourself, success will take care of you. Do successful people who are famous all over the world succeed by taking shortcuts? Take, for example, the founder of Taobao, Ma Yun. Was his Taobao written by God for him? It must be impossible. It was the sweat of Ma Yun's hard work in the school before learning, the courage of Ma Yun to survive the ridicule, and the factor of Ma Yun's unwillingness to be ordinary and hard-working. If Ma Yun also has the mentality of achieving success through shortcuts, he will never be in a situation where he has a net worth of over one billion yuan. If no one buys his own products, he just thinks that God can help him, instead of going around to recommend products, Ma Yun's name is definitely not known to the world, only an unknown person. There is really no shortcut to success. In life, only those who are willing to fight and only those who are willing to put on sweat will succeed in his eyes. As for those who want to take shortcuts all day long Online Cigarettes, the reef that can never succeed is a friend of the waves. Only the reefs can stir the waves that shine in the sun. If the sea also wants to take shortcuts, it runs away from the other direction. No more spray. There are no shortcuts to success. Let's fight hard and be down-to-earth. Let them be your sword for success Marlboro Gold.
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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