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Craps is a gambling game which has been played in casinos for so many years. It involves rolling two dice on a table and then adding the results of the numbers facing up. In recent times casino games have gone online and it is now possible to play craps online. The rules are more or less the same whether you have to play in a block and motor casino or from the Internet platform.

To play any such game successfully requires an understanding of its rules and guidelines. You can not win outside the rules for which reason the first tip is to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations. Playing craps online provides new players with sufficient opportunities for practicing and learning.

The Internet platform provides better learning opportunities that are not found in physical casinos. You can access the games for free and practice until you feel competent enough to play for money. Access times are not limited since they are available 24 hours and there is nobody rushing you.

There are various possible outcomes from rolling two dice ranging from two to twelve. Two and twelve have the lowest probability of occurrence from a throw because you must obtain an one and an one in the case of two and a six and a six in the case of twelve. These are quite unlike other numbers in between which can be realized from a variety of combinations.

Craps online provides players better opportunities over the land-based version. The electronic die has an equal chance of rolling any number from 1 to 6 unlike the physical die which might favor some outcome over others. The rules are clear on who wins when what happens. The shooter must obtain a 7 or 11 to win. On the other hand a 2 Bobby Evans Elite Jersey , 3 or a 12 is a definite loss.

Considering that both a 7 and an 11 have multiple probabilities of occurrence, it is better to shoot than to give away this role. When you are not a shooter your prayer is that the outcomes of a roll are 2 David Long Elite Jersey , 3 or 12. These are more difficult to obtain compared to 7 and 11. Two and twelve have only one probability each while three has two but apparently slim chances.

A seven can be attained from 1+6, 2+5 Darrell Henderson Elite Jersey , 3+4, and the other way round in all these cases bring the chances to 6. An 11 requires 5+6 or 6+5 to obtain. When you combine these with the outcomes of a seven then the roller has eight possible chances of winning out of the possible 32 outcomes. Compared to just half the number for a bettor who waits for a 2 Taylor Rapp Elite Jersey , 3 or 12 to be realized, it is strategic to be a shooter.

The best tips for craps online are for one to understand the rules and study the probabilities of outcomes. From these you will get to appreciate that one stands better chances of winning as a shooter than as a bettor. It means that you can bet higher values when you are a shooter since there are higher chances of winning and minimize your bets when the chances of winning are reduced by virtue of your role.

Damien Davidovic is the author of this article about craps. Learn more about playing playing craps at his site.


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