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Waterproof anti-sweat movement Bluetooth headphone
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Autor:  adtozhou [ 03 Led 2018 10:50 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Waterproof anti-sweat movement Bluetooth headphone

As a city white collar, often dragged the emptied body to go to the gym to recharge, the greatest comfort and power is in the boring movement to make favorite music / novel for their own cheer.

However, what kind of bluetooth headphones can meet our non-professional sports players? Sound quality Portable? Endurance? durable? Let us take all the questions below, for music as we bring a sports Bluetooth headset to see if it can meet a city's largest user groups, I white collar.

The size of the heart can do accessories and many professional sports headphones to do the same, as the movement of this Bluetooth headset design is very stylish, while no lack of human design, which manufacturers will send you a few sets of anti-off horns hanging ear, according to the auricle size, we can at any time Replacement, and trial in the headset is equipped with the smallest model.

Need to mention is that the biggest feature of this smartomi headphone is able to be very solid fixed in the auricle, so the size is very important, and it also has sound insulation function, then in use there will be a different experience.

For example, if you can wear the best wirless bluetooth headphones (the size of the gap is very small), then the medium ear hanging will be higher degree of adhesion, may wear a long time to have auricle was extended support discomfort , But the relative advantage is that the user can not feel the external noise, is very suitable for temporary exercise wear, so you can be more attentive in the movement of the release.

While the trumpet is slightly loose in the tightness, suitable for long-term use, especially for the car, driving, in addition to music, you can also properly hear the surrounding traffic, do not delay your eyes six ears P Plus.

At the same time, if you do not use headphones, you can hang them in the neck, headphones have suction on the back, do not worry about falling after the situation.

As a headset, the final need to face the user or the quality of the test, of course, this is a very subjective test. Music camera Bluetooth headset with a Bluetooth 4.1 chip, the advantage is more power, transmission distance is longer, the effective distance can be about 10 meters, and the connection faster.

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