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In the dream, firs
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Autor:  ylq [ 06 Čer 2019 08:52 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  In the dream, firs

In the dream, first met. You come towards me, you say your name, I say my name. When you read my name, I will answer your name. After the dream, meet again. You remember my name, but I can't call your name. Wake up, a moment. I walked to you and asked your name. You smiled and said my name, but did not say your name, but I have a pale yellow bookmark on my palm, and it is a happy thing to hide your name. It��s a happy thing, happy, and hilarious. of. When I was a child, I was always looking forward to catching up. I could go to the streets to see the dazzling novelty, even if I just looked at it and I was happy. I also hoped that my parents would catch up, I could eat candy biscuits, and buy pork home. There are too many good things to catch up. It can be said that one of the happiest things in childhood is to catch up. It is the saying of my hometown. It is called the market in writing. It is the rural customary day to go to the township town to conduct commodity trading Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but not just commodities. The exchange is so simple, and it is the most important channel carrier for rural gatherings in mountainous areas, involving the life, survival and emotions of mountainous rural areas. It is the concentration of changes in the mountains, the mirror of rural changes. My hometown is in the Datun Mountains, and the traffic is inconvenient. I remember when I was young, I had to eat early in the days of the game, and I always walked for two hours to catch up Marlboro Cigarettes. The road to catch the road is to cross the mountain and cross the river. When climbing down the slope, when it is raining, the feet are covered with mud. It is very difficult to walk, and it will fall to the ground, making it like a clay figurine. On the road, I will meet a lot of people who know each other. I know each other's current situation. Although it is just a simple communication, it is very enjoyable. I feel like I have not been happy for many years. In general, the family will sell their eggs such as eggs, corn, and rice to the street. When acquaintances see them, they will help to rotate their backs. Regardless of remuneration, helping others is to help themselves, because he also helps me to take the road back. My fathers have been walking. I also walked when I was a child. At that time, life was difficult. We didn��t ask for anything. We just wanted to have a meal, no unhappiness, no intrigue, no interest, no life, no happiness. Fu went to the market town, and the people from the surrounding villages gathered together Marlboro Gold, just like family gatherings. There were grandparents who had been aging deep and wrinkled by the ages. They had a gentle and kindly grandmother, a father who had a hard-working back and a hurry, and a gentle and kind heart. Diligent and supportive mothers, children who are naughty, cute, and sensible, even if they can't hear what they are talking to each other, they are sincere and harmonious, just like a family tells the story of the town's agricultural products, industrial varieties, and a variety of styles, selling sound, The horns rang through the streets, intertwined, and it was just the excitement that people longed for. It��s rare in the quiet mountains. , And then release the voice roared as comfortable. On the street, the farm produce produced by the countryside, show off each other, you buy my sale, I buy you to sell, is not the simplest and most straightforward commodity trading, and there is a peaceful happiness to catch up, not only In order to buy some living and production supplies, after all, the market town is a local economic and cultural center Parliament Cigarettes. Those years are not rich Wholesale Cigarettes, and the food in the home is fragrant and eaten a little tired. After the end of the game,
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Autor:  valeraud [ 18 Říj 2019 23:31 ]
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