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Years are long, the monsoon has been smashed again and again, gradually whitening and dyeing a white hair, the long needle of time, turned over the end of the year, and another circle of the annual ring, never noticed that the time is so hurried, feeling the moment, but already After going for many years, the time is like water, slowly flowing, creeping up the brow, perhaps inadvertently, the eyebrows are also white; standing at the intersection of time, looking back at the road, feeling, time is like water, years like a river. When I was a child, the scene, like an old movie, was a long-lasting but intimate, time-honored, time-consuming, taking away some time, unconsciously close to the age of ignorance, often telling my daughter the story of childhood, the daughter listened to the relish However, there is another fog. She doesn't understand all the things of that era. Why are some stones playing very happy? How is the pancake so sweet? How do those wild vegetables become delicious? A lot of incomprehensibility, perhaps only those of our time, can understand, this is not just a kind of memory, has been slowly carrying the age, in the years, long and sweet fragrance. Young time, old photos of yellowing, it is sweet and warm childhood; yelling, gangs, gray heads, mud monkeys, the soil comes to the mud; the play is tired, a plop Jump into the creek, muddy, and disappeared; at night, good partners hold hands during the day, a pillow at night and a dream; many memories are repeated in a replay Newport Cigarettes, bound into a book, will be pure and worry-free, pure truth The time is fixed, the time is like water, but the heart is like a mirror. I have watched the spring and walked through the patchwork. I bid farewell to the colorful, butterfly dance; say goodbye to the ignorant youth, frivolous young; everything seems like a petal, not caught In the middle, the end of the game; the message from the other side of the year, drop a small order, take the memory you just left, dance in the ink and finger, you are light and shallow, follow the clouds in June, I am waiting at the horizon You, wait for the time to stop, the time to stop, dance time and scrolls in the time corridor, the time is like water, tilt down, the hair is warm and the imprint of your passing, hands are close, you slip into the long river, the palms remain, but it is Zero leaves, a hint of chill, straight to the bottom of my heart, how can there be a cool wind in May, you have gone, do not want to stay, this unexpected ending, doubt confusion gradually filled the surrounding, it is necessary to remember With it Marlboro Gold, the inflow of water, the flooding of the river, many memories have been lost in the time, quietly lost, some sporadic fragments, intermittent, fuzzy moments of emotion; those who passed the years, a season repeats The theme; some have passed away in the fingers, drowning in the long river, no news, when looking back, "people do not know where to go, peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze." Time passes, things are human, the time is like water, red dust, a car Who is infatuated? Who is waiting late in the season? Who is the end of the world? For a moment, the red face refers to the old, retreats the red makeup, fades the thoughts, everything returns to the true, the heart is like water; the twists and turns go by, fade away from the glitz, and look back, the peach blossoms have been around, in fact, "Bodhi has no trees, the mirror is also Non-Taiwan, there is no such thing, where is the dust." In this time, like the water, slowly meditation, slowly return to the true time as water, my heart is like a mirror, let it be thin and thin, the flowers that have gone When you are at the junction of time, you are actually passing passengers. The mountains are just a mystery. When you walk over, you discover that the dreams that are close and far away are already in a corner of time. Those memories are only It is memory, the recent love has always been by the side; like the water Newport 100S, the heart is like a mirror, understand the pages of the years Marlboro Red, the veins of the time, everything is in the heart of the Zen, the water, the years, the river, everything goes with the wind, everything Followed by, faintly seen thousands of landscapes Carton Of Cigarettes, shallow back to the past, as light as clouds, as light as the wind, give back the years like water as a mirror
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