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Dust content of stone crusher
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Autor:  birder2525 [ 27 Zář 2018 10:27 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Dust content of stone crusher

Most of stone crusher particle size less than 100 mu m, which is less than lO m particles in the atmosphere can float. As everyone knows, the main composition of stone crusher is silicon dioxide, its content in the 40% to 60%; therefore, people are very concerned about its impact on atmospheric environment.

The number of Si02 actually stone crusher in quartz form exists in our country is not high, it varied from 1% to 16%, the average value is 6.4%. Research on stone crusher on induced degeneration and animal also confirmed its biological activity is very low. Study on the induced degeneration presided over the British Central Power Bureau also confirmed in the stone crusher samples were not found to have an important mutagenic activity.

Clinical study also showed that the stone crusher will not cause any pathological pleural injury.The significance of comprehensive utilization of stone crusher: Processing stone crusher, stone crusher production line of electric power industry is the basic industry of national economy, the development of electric power industry, to safeguard energy supply, plays an important role in economic construction.

China is rich in coal resources, the recent development of the electric power industry, is still coal-fired thermal power dominated. Due to the increase of the power plant coal-fired units, the continued expansion of the scale, resulting in a sharp increase of stone crusher emissions. The total discharge of thermal power plant ash in 1985 37680000 T, increased in 1995 to 99360000 T, the average annual increase of 5600000 t.

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